About WPSC

Pillars of Promise


Community Safety

Continual professional development and training for individual departments, and real-life inter-departmental and cross-community training scenarios.


Community Outreach

A permanent home to insure a culture of community programming for all citizens, organizations, and businesses.


Community Justice

Understanding of the shared responsibility for safety and security, and continuing dialogue to instill mutual trust and respect.


Community Equity

Elevated professional status and opportunities leading to increased numbers of local recruits for all responder services with special emphasis on recruits from minority and high-risk neighborhoods and populations.


Community Development

The ability to market a regional center as a valuable asset in our community, business, and government inventory.


Community Commitment

We assign a high value to safety, outreach, justice, equity, and community and economic development for ourselves and our children.

Our mission is to be the model of excellence in public safety preparation and response through integration of training, development, communication, collaboration, and community engagement.

About the Safety Center

The Wiregrass Public Safety Center is home to a 23-acre, $23,000,000 state-of-the-art training facility for police, fire, emergency medical personnel, other first responders and the community. The center was developed through the Wiregrass Foundation’s commitment to investments that have significant, measurable impact on residents’ health, education and quality of life.

With partnerships between the Dothan Fire Department, Dothan Police Department and the Wiregrass Foundation, this genuinely unique initiative is a national model for improving the readiness and effectiveness of first responders and the safety education of the general public.

From small children to SWAT teams, WPSC has an outreach vision to build strong relationships between local citizens and those who protect them. In addition to its diverse scope of offerings, the center’s comprehensive approach to public safety training will provide an unparalleled opportunity to train across agencies and borders. The ability to replicate authentic emergency situations will create stronger relationships among first responders and increase safety in the communities they serve.