Training Props

Administration Building


Each classroom has seating for 24 people and has full audio and video capabilities. Two of the rooms are separated by a dividing wall that can be retracted to seat up to 48 people.

Staff Conference Room

The conference room has full audio and video capabilities.  This room can also be used as an Emergency Operations Control Center in the event of a disaster.  The staff space includes a cubicle area designed for teaching by instructors.

Virtual Weapons Trainer / Simulator

This prop provides an immersive training system delivering state-of-the-art, 300-degree, 5 screen technology for marksmanship, judgmental and collective instruction. The system may be used by law enforcement and military professionals. This prop provides a unique opportunity for community engagement as the general public can experience facing life-or-death threats that require split-second decisions.

Weight Room

The weight room is an area that is open 24/7 for fire and police staff.

Dirty Classroom

This cinder block room is designed without carpet or a drop ceiling so that is it allowed to get “dirty.” When firefighters come back into the building from training outside, they do not need to clean off before they de-brief on their training. The firefighters can hang their turn-out gear on the wall and sit for instruction. They also do not have to worry about getting the floor or the furniture dirty. This feature helps make training more efficient.

For trainee convenience, high-capacity washers and dryers, lockers, showers and dressing rooms are conveniently located on-site.

Outdoor Facilities

K-9 Facility

The K-9 Facility houses the canines of our police department. Officers will drop off their canines at the end of each shift and will pick them up at the start of each shift.

Water Rescue Pond

The Water Rescue Pond can be used to practice search and rescue missions. Items can be thrown into the water and divers can search for the item.  A full-sized car is located at the bottom of the pond for training as well.

Trench and Roof Collapse

When a trench caves in, unprotected workers are buried under that mass instantly which can prove fatal. Trench collapse is a hazard that is very serious and most people don’t take the weight of soil into account. A single cubic yard of soil amounts to 4000 pounds which is the weight of a small pickup truck. This prop will help teach what to do when/if a trench were to collapse.

Railroad Crossing

Overturned rail cars and railroad tracks, donated by Bayline Railroad, are arranged to simulate a variety of scenarios. Bomb teams and HazMat teams will be the primary groups using this prop.

Fire Props

The fire props give firefighters various ways to train and learn ways to combat a variety of scenarios.

Training capabilities Include:

  • Direct and indirect fire attack
  • Exterior fire attack
  • Fire suppression techniques
  • Flammable vapor fire control
  • Flammable liquid training
  • Flammable gas training
  • Pressurized flammable liquid control
  • Vehicle fire attack
  • Tactics and strategies

Outdoor Structures

Collapsed Structure

The Collapsed Structure simulates a house that has shifted on its foundation in a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane.  Our first responders will work on search and rescue in this prop. 

Confined Space

The Confined space prop simulates and underground structure built above ground for training.  It is large enough for an employee to enter and perform work, but has limited or restricted means for entry or exit.  This prop allows for training of workers as well as bomb or HazMat professionals.

Drill Tower & Class B Burn Building

Fire: The Drill Tower uses propane and there are several rooms in this tower to simulate an industrial building, commercial kitchens, elevator shafts, tall buildings and even a building with a loading dock. On the second floor, a gas grill is set up on a balcony similar to what you would see at an apartment complex. This building has numerous floors and each floor is slightly different and presents a different scenario to fight a fire.

Police: SWAT teams can use this facility to train in a variety of ways, training at night or during the day.  Canines and equipment used in real situations can be used. This is a facility where multiple agencies can train together for larger scale missions.

Class A Burn Building

The Class A Burn Building is used to fight “real” fire. Bales of hay and pallets of wood are burned to create a real-life scenario and firefighters will battle the smoke elements similar to what they would see in a burning structure.  This building can also be used by SWAT teams and K9 teams to train.

Skills Pad

This pad is 300 by 300 and will be used to teach how to drive a fire truck, police car, or ambulance. Sanitation workers and industry drivers can practice operating heavy trucks. The pad can also be used by helicopters. can be used for anything.

Strip Mall

This prop allows practice for large scale situations that occur in stores, banks, schools and other public places. It affords law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel the ability to train for multi-agency response situations, across multiple jurisdictions.

Training Houses

Teach Me House

The Teach Me house, donated by Jubilee Builders and several other businesses in our area, will be used as a teaching tool for first responders and local school systems. This facility is a fully furnished two-story house and will provide real homelife settings for safety training.

EMS and EMT personnel can learn patient assessment and patient transport using a real house. This truly is an educational house and one that sets this facility apart from others in the country.

Simunitions House & Simulator

The Simunitions House is one of the most diverse building at the Center. The simulator works in conjunction with the mobile wall system to allow us to create both residential and commercial layouts. It has 6 projectors that allow us to drive the scenario to multiple rooms and not only practice accuracy but room entry tactics as well. We can train multiple officers at the same time which greatly reduces the down time during training days and maximizes the training value. Also, with a flip of the light switch, we can train at night instead of rearranging training schedules.

Tactical Training

Shooting Range

The Shooting Range has multiple moving targets. The targets are setup in a software system that is run from the range house. Dothan Police personnel will be responsible for operating the system for agencies or the community, when the range is in use. The range can be used day or night and shooters can train from a 25- and 50-yard distance. Our sniper personnel can shoot from the range house to the targets at a distance of 100 yards. The targets turn, pop up from the ground and there is also a target that slides on a rail from end to end. The range has 25 lanes including 8 lanes on the outside and 9 lanes in the middle.

Sniper Range

The sniper tower provides a place for rifle training with targets placed throughout the 400-yard range. There are three floors and a spot to tie off to the roof for scenario-based training.

Live Fire Shoot House

This house used technology to help law enforcement officers and military personnel remain composed and accurate in the most stressful situations. It is all live ammunition and only professionals will utilize this prop.